To be able to attend to emergency situations and continue with our work despite the health crisis caused by COVID-19, our office will continue be open.

In order to minimize the spread of the coronavirus and the impact on our staff, the services we provide are minimal.

The established  plan with an initial duration of 2 weeks is the following:




The Sánchez Trujillo law firm was founded in 1993 and has been a pioneer in the area of immigration.  Due to the volume of work it carries out, it is presently one of the most important law firms in Spain dealing with immigration law.  Read more


In the year 2011 the firm expanded to become Sánchez Trujillo and Associates.  In addition to immigration law, the firm also has a team with broad expertise in all other areas of law as well, such as criminal, marriage, tax, corporate, civil or labor law.






Non-work residency permits. Residency permits for self-employed workers. Hiring of foreign staff for senior management positions. Residency and work permits for professional athletes and performers. Founding of all types of corporate and civil companies. Intervention and defense in infringement and expulsion proceedings or termination of residency permits. Intervention and defense in criminal proceedings. All types of renewals and modifications of residency. Family reunification. Legal assessment in the buying and selling of real estate, rental properties and establishment of businesses and transfer of the same. Founding of foreign foundations and associations. Specialized tax advice for resident and non-resident foreigners. Read more